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SGS|Sierra Photography presents a unique blend of inspired, creative vision with technical insights

Our full-service digital photo studio is strategically paired with prepress services in many global locations.

SGS|Sierra Photography delivers powerful images seamlessly and confidently from studio to prepress.

Our photographers possess a depth of talent and experience that generates a unique vision for each photographic challenge. For clients large and small, SGS|Sierra Photography offers full-shoot management including product organization, propping, scouting, set building, professional styling and the hiring of talent. Additional services include: digital retouching, high-end compositing, production consulting, photo library management, on-line client photo approval, private shooting bays and full kitchens.


SGS|Sierra is in the enviable position of working with some of the brightest and most creative designers in the industry.

Our designers approach every name generation, brand positioning, repositioning, and transformation challenge with a thorough understanding of the client’s business. We communicate your brand’s message clearly and consistently across all platforms.

The right creative idea is one of the most important tools for differentiating your brand from your competitors. Our design professionals listen to what you are saying and can quickly focus in on your vision and translate your ideas and brand strategy into concepts and designs that will most definitely put your brand front and centre in the mind of the consumer.

Our creative approach is individually tailored to reflect the business requirements of every single project. Onsite photography studios and project specific pre-press and production workflows means that we can execute your project efficiently and cost-effectively. We combine strategy and ambition to create a visual idea that makes your product stand out in the crowd, and our success has resulted in long-term client relationships that are built on trust and quality of work.